SAVER  -  Mechanical automatic factory from C.N.C.

   Mechanical automatic factory from C.N.C. with lathes from bar, a work center and transfer.
   Execution of project parts on metals and plastics for medium and small series.


The company operates in various sectors including:

  • feed
  • agricultural
  • automotive
  • sweet
  • mechanical and electrical general
  • hydraulic
  • pneumatic


Our fleet:

  • No. 31 Lathes C.N.C. consisting of:
    • No. 18 Lathes C.N.C. fixed headstock 2-axis, spindle bore from 6 to 75 mm.
    • No. 8 Lathes C.N.C. fixed headstock 2-axis motorized tools+Y, bar passage from 6 to 80 mm.
    • No. 5 Lathes C.N.C. fixed headstock 6-axis motorized tools+Y, two spindle, spindle bore from 6 to 60 mm.
  • No. 5 Centers C.N.C. with pallet changer ISO 40
  • No. 3 Transfer up to 4 units (thread up to M20)
  • Various machines for finishing and cleaning of the workpiece (lathe, belt sanders, drill presses, screw wash, digital counting scales)


We have a large stock of raw materials for round bars, hexagonal, square and pipes from 6 to 80 mm, and certain types of materials that work are:

  • 11SMnPb37
  • 36SMnPb14
  • 36SMnPb14 hardened in the bar
  • 39NiCrMo3+Pb hardened in the bar
  • 42CrMo4 hardened in the bar

On request we also work:

  • 16CrNi4
  • 17NiCrMo6.4 (18NCM5)
  • C45E
  • S235JR (Fe360B)
  • S355J2 (Fe510D)
  • X8CrNi18-9 (AISI303), X2CrNi18-9 (AISI304L), X2CRNIMO17-12 (AISI316L), X6CrNi2520 (AISI310S), X30Cr12 (AISI420B), X30Cr12 (+QT850) (AISI420B bonificato in barra), X14CrMoS17 (AISI430F)
  • G-CuSn5Zn5Pb5 (Bronze), G-CuSn12, G-CuSn10Zn2Ni2 (B8 Bronze)
  • CuZn39Pb3 (Brass OT58)
  • 11S Aluminium, Aluminium Anticorodal 6082, 6026, 6060
  • C POM (Polyacetal) black and white
  • PA 6 (Nylon 6) black and white, PA66 (Nylon 66) black and white, PA66 + FG 30% (Nylon 66 + 30% glass fiber) black
  • Teflon


  • pezzi vari
    Variety of parts
  • lav_tornio_2_01
    Lathe with two spindles and two turrets with both motorized and Y axis
  • lav_tornio_2_02
  • lav_tornio_2_03
    Milling with radial engines and Y axis
  • lav_tornio_2_04
    Parting with 2 spindles are synchronized
  • lav_tornio_01
  • lav_tornio_02
    Internal thread
  • lav_tornio_03
    External turning
  • lav_tornio_04
    Milling axial engines, during processing
  • lav_tornio_05
    Milling axial engines, the end of work
  • lav_tornio
    Milling with radial engines
  • traub_01
  • trucioli
  • officina
    Production department
  • vista_tornio_01
    View of a CNC lathe with bar feeder
  • vista_tornio_02
    View of a CNC lathe with bar feeder
  • barre
    Some bars
  • mag_barre
    Warehouse bar
  • mag_finiti
    Finished products warehouse
  • ufficio_1