In 2002, the company has obtained the certification ISO 9001, renewed and updated continuously over the years.

Today the company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.
For download the certificate in pdf format click here.

The company has a quality control department with the following types of measuring instruments:

  • digital caliper
  • thousandth digital micrometers
  • Bores Gauges
  • buffers smooth and threaded P-NP
  • smooth and threaded rings P-NP
  • digital counting scales (scale 30 kg with attached scale 3 kg for reference precision 0.01 g)
  • feeler gauges, protractor, teams, meters, etc. …

Have metrologic room a controlled temperature with these measuring instruments:

  • optical measuring machine (error ± 3 µm)
  • altimeters (error ± 2 µm)
  • durometer (hardness of error ± 3.0 points)
  • roughness (error ± 0.3 µm)
  • microscope

The quality control during the production process is carried out using measuring instruments on board the machine connected, where possible, to a central data collection program that, through the control grid, performs a quality control of the workpiece and the relative advancement of production, all in one management and one operation.